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More Than Accountants

Our Approach
Our Approach

Our Approach

What does it mean to be your accountant? For us, it means taking the time to understand your industry, your business, and your goals. It means consistently delivering solid, exacting work. It means helping you with your whole business, not just your taxes.

With Cavanaugh & Company you should expect great accounting — and more. You’ll hear from us throughout the year, not just at tax time. You’ll feel confident that your business is being taken care of, and that you have a roadmap to meet your goals. You’ll get the full benefit of our team’s research capabilities, and our breadth and depth of experience across sectors.

Being a Cavanaugh & Company client means you appreciate the value of having an accountant who is also a trusted business advisor, helping you look at all aspects of your business in a proactive way. If this is the kind of business relationship you’re looking for, we’d like to get to know you.

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About Us
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About Us



When we look at the history of our firm, we are most proud of our many longstanding client relationships. For us, good business is and has always been about building relationships.

We also pride ourselves on being a forward thinking firm of accounting professionals who offer our clients fresh approaches. We are ever driven to help our clients in meaningful ways. Our collective breadth and depth of experience in accounting, tax and advisory services allow us to do just that.

Like many mid-sized accounting firms, we started as a collection of small firms coming together to do more as a whole than we could as individual parts. But unlike many other firms, we’ve intentionally transformed ourselves into a cohesive team with a single approach: we work to understand what our clients need to reach their ultimate goals, and we help them get there.

Our Misson

Our Mission

Cavanaugh & Company builds relationships that inspire our team and clients to achieve financial, business and personal goals. We partner with you, navigating through your unique challenges and opportunities.

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